For the Love of Fall

I did something this year that I NEVER do!!!!

Like…. Never!!!

Mainly because when I spend money on decor… I love it and use ALL OF IT;-)
But in the spirit of this season’s clear winner of WHITE… And NEUTRAL…

I left some of my Fall decor in the box!!!!!

Meaning I didn’t put it out!!!!
And some of the orange things… I spray painted!!!! Continue reading


For generations now my family and my husband’s family have loved the Lord.


There are so many things that are amazing about the history of these generations in how they met… the questions my grandpa asked grandma before he decided to marry her… the deep love for husbands I see in all of these wives… Great Nonni living through 15 presidents… and so much more…

But mostly I see in every life of these precious people that have left earth for heaven in the last year…

That they loved the Lord their God with all of their hearts and served Him with their lives. Continue reading

Farm to Table

I made dinner for 16 the other night.

Which is a relatively small group in comparison to the birthday parties that happen here…

But I have never had 16 people’s butts all sitting at my dining room table at one time!

Let me tell you a little bit of what I love about dinner parties, entertaining, feeding, and fellowshipping with friends and family around my table:

The time around the table speaks to my heart!


There is nothing I enjoy more than entertaining the loves of my life and doing my best to feed them with nourishing foods while giving them (I hope:-) a relaxing, enjoyable evening in my home.

Now… with three young children… And most of our friends and family having young children…

Our time is not so quiet and peaceful and refreshing:-) Continue reading