DIY Topiary

Soooo… It seems that whenever I have a deadline… Like a birthday party celebration for my little girl…

I like to throw in a few extra projects… A massively expensive day at the mechanic… 2 days instead of one running errands… DIY topiaries I had laying around for YEARS just waiting…

Ya know, as much as I can cram into my little crazy head to do… I make up my mind I am going to do it…

AND IT MUST GET DONE by said deadline!

It’s really actually crazy.

It’s not what sane people do.

It adds to the excitement of party planning:-)

Sooooo I made these topiaries while my son was working on math problems:-) They literally only took that long!!!

I bought the pieces necessary to make these topiaries… 3 years ago!!!!

I moved them from one house to another… Unfinished.

So naturally I needed to complete this project that has clearly been keeping me awake at night for years… TODAY:-)
This is EASY!!!! And it’s QUICK!!! My kind of project:-) Continue reading

Pork Chops & Mango Salsa


~Improves Digestion

~ Alkalizes the whole body!!! (This is BIG and important… especially in America!!!)

~Improves Eye Health

~Lowers Cholesterol

~Clears the skins

~Prevents Cancer…. (although I never understand this one since if cancer was preventable… wouldn’t there be less cancer?!?!!?)



There are TONS of health benefits to this amazing fruit… and it has such a wonderful and distinct flavor!!!! Almost earthy yet super sweet! Continue reading

Capable Men

It was a warm Saturday summer evening, it was time to come in from playing in the yard and take baths before church in the morning, and mass chaos followed….

Not because it was bath time… But because mom was going to be home in an hour from her weekend away with the girls….

And it was time for the mad dash of pick up from the weekend with dad!

We made the beds, picked up the toys, cleaned up the kitchen, and ran the dishwasher, dad was running the show by directing traffic on what needed to be done…

And although, (now being a mother myself) looking back I know things were out of place and there was tons of work waiting for mom to catch up on when she walked in the door…

The point is…


I was raised by a capable man!

My mom knew he could care for her babes and although I’m sure he didn’t do it the same way she did, he did an AMAZING job!

Dad was capable of not only keeping a kid alive and health for a few hours on a short grocery outing… He was capable of taking care of 4 kids for a weekend at a time… Everyone eating, sleeping, playing, and safe:-)

And guess what!!!!

I married a man that is capable of the same things!!!!

I am fortunate enough to have only known capable, manly men in my life:-)

The most manly thing a man can do is take all that manliness and hold a crying little baby while pushing the toddler swinging on the Swingset. Continue reading

Valentine’s Agenda

I have LOVED this holiday celebration this year!!!

And it went NOTHING like planned!!!

Or should I preface that by saying…

For the first time EVER I had NO expectations… and it has been the best thing for me!!!!

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!?!?!?!

I don’t remember a Valentine’s Day when I didn’t get frustrated with my husband about something COMPLETELY ridiculous…

Sometimes the frustration was small and didn’t last long…

And sometimes it completely RUINED our night….

All because of my ridiculous woman expectations!!!! Continue reading

For the Love of Decorating!

I LOVE getting ideas from friends and family… They are FULL of really good and useful advice… Most of the time:-)

But something I have really embraced this year in decorating is…

I am me and I know what I like!

There is this ongoing battle on Pinterest and social decorating blogs on what is best… Color or neutral… Flowing color throughout or themed rooms… Unique or traditional…

And I have come to the conclusion that I like A LOT of different design ideas!!! I like California style… I like bohemian… I like coastal… I like farmhouse… I like industrial… I like…

Well… You get the picture!

It used to annoy me that I couldn’t make up my mind and a lot of times made decor decisions because it was the cheapest option… Not because I liked it.

Finally, after owning 2 homes, and trying “a few things”, I have come to the conclusion that…

I know what I like and what I don’t and I won’t waiver from it!

I’m the one that has to live with it day in and day out anyway right!!!

Some people keep their home strictly neutral… All year around. Some people keep their home mostly neutral most of the year… And then bring on the color during the holidays. Some people have more color throughout the year… And then put no color into their holiday decorating….

I have determined what I like…

My Non-Optionals for Transitional Decor: (mainly because I have a short attention span… and like to decorate or rework things quite often so it must be CHEAP!) Continue reading

Apple Chips: A Yummy and Healthy Snack

I am all for feeding my kids something other than… chips!

I am constantly trying to come up with new things and see how they respond because let’s face it… although we are all creatures of habit and usually stick to the same rotation of 10 recipes… everyone wants something different and new to awaken those taste buds now and then…

Kids are no different!

While I was in the process of losing 80 pounds… with a limited menu… I got desperate!!! I tried new things and this is the time when my culinary skills took a drastic change for the better! Instead of daily eating my apple… I made CHIPS! Continue reading

One-Pan Sausage Skillet: with Quinoa & Cabbage

I threw this together today after church… and just HAD to come write out my recipe for future reference!!!


It only takes ONE PAN!!!

And in my world of no dishwasher…. this kind of cooking gets my attention.. and FAST!!!!

So without further ado…

One-Pan Sausage Skillet

6-8 servings; 10 minutes prep; 10 minutes cook

~ 1-2 sausage link (beef, turkey, whatever you would like)

~ red pepper

~orange pepper


~ 1 c. thinly sliced cabbage

~ 2 pkg. Quinoa and brown rice bags (I buy mine at Sam’s Club… and the kids LOVE this stuff!)

~ 1/2 c. chicken broth

~ lime juice

~cilantro, to taste (I used most of one bunch)

~ sea salt

~ pepper

~ 1 Tbsp. olive oil

Ok! Now… the best part of this recipe (I think EVERYTHING I MAKE can be altered and still be delicious) is that if you don’t have peppers… don’t stress. If you only have 1/4 c. chicken broth (like I did today) use that and some water!

First: Put olive oil ( I used expeller-pressed coconut oil which doesn’t taste like coconut at all but also the chemical composition is not changed by the high heat) into a skillet and heat up on high heat. Add sausage and saute until crispy and brown around the edges.

Second: Take the sausage off the skillet and lay on a paper towel to drip dry and get any excess oil off.

Third: Add onions and cabbage to the liquid that remains in the skillet and saute until onions are brown.

Fourth: Add peppers, salt, and pepper half way through cooking the cabbage and onions.

Fifth: Add chicken broth and 2 bags of quinoa and brown rice bags.

Sixth: Turn to medium-high heat and cover for about 5 minutes so rice can finishing cooking. Stirring occasionally.

Seventh: Throughout this whole process I kept spritzing everything with lime juice to keep everything moist, my guess is I used about 3 Tbsp. lime juice…

Eighth: Put the sausage back in the pan with everything else.

Ninth: Add cilantro to skillet and just mix in after turning off the heat to the pan.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

This was 100% KID-APPROVED and super filling! It’s healthy… and easy… and was just made with what I had around the house  fridge;-)