I was informed today by WordPress that today is my 2 year anniversary of blogging!!!!

aka A Bloggiversary!!!!

Can you believe it?!?!?! I started this one evening with my husband and my sister-in-law because I had no clue how to even start on my own!!!

MyRedFrontDoor- Design

And now…. I LOVE this outlet!!! I LOVE being a stay-at-home momma… but sometimes I just need to talk (if you know me, you know I like to talk;-) and share and REMEMBER what is going on in life.  Continue reading

Comparison: Just Stop!

I have been hearing from people lately:

“You can do it all!”

“How do you do it all?!?!?!”

“You are impressive!”

“You do what?!?!?!? Build furniture, work at the hospital, blog, have 3.5 kids, live on a farm with tons of chickens and a garden that could eat you alive… and your house is always CLEAN!”

MyRedFrontDoor- Comparison

At first, I will be honest, I am all like, Continue reading

Go-To Recipes: Sweet Potato Fries

I LOVE the health benefits of sweet potatoes…

Sweet potatoes provide 400% of your daily need of vitamin A.

More Vitamin C than white potatoes.

They are less calories per serving than a white potato!!!

HUGE amounts of fiber which is GREAT if you have digestive problems.

Few carbs than white potatoes.

And every once in a while I enjoy the taste of them in a form other than fries…

But usually not so much…

So I make HEALTHY FRIES!!! Continue reading

DIY Topiary

Soooo… It seems that whenever I have a deadline… Like a birthday party celebration for my little girl…

I like to throw in a few extra projects… A massively expensive day at the mechanic… 2 days instead of one running errands… DIY topiaries I had laying around for YEARS just waiting…

Ya know, as much as I can cram into my little crazy head to do… I make up my mind I am going to do it…

AND IT MUST GET DONE by said deadline!

It’s really actually crazy.

It’s not what sane people do.

It adds to the excitement of party planning:-)

Sooooo I made these topiaries while my son was working on math problems:-) They literally only took that long!!!

I bought the pieces necessary to make these topiaries… 3 years ago!!!!

I moved them from one house to another… Unfinished.

So naturally I needed to complete this project that has clearly been keeping me awake at night for years… TODAY:-)
This is EASY!!!! And it’s QUICK!!! My kind of project:-) Continue reading

Pork Chops & Mango Salsa


~Improves Digestion

~ Alkalizes the whole body!!! (This is BIG and important… especially in America!!!)

~Improves Eye Health

~Lowers Cholesterol

~Clears the skins

~Prevents Cancer…. (although I never understand this one since if cancer was preventable… wouldn’t there be less cancer?!?!!?)



There are TONS of health benefits to this amazing fruit… and it has such a wonderful and distinct flavor!!!! Almost earthy yet super sweet! Continue reading